China International Exhibition Center

China International Exhibition CenterRenaissance Beijing Hotel is one of the hotels that located not far from many interesting places in Beijing such as, Sanlitun Bar Street, Sanlitun Village, Lady Street, International Exhibition Center, Beijing Workers Stadium and many more. Stay in Renaissance Beijing Hotel, guests will have a convenient way to visit all of those places. International Exhibition Center where located close to Renaissance Beijing Hotel is located in the Chaoyang District, a strategic area in Beijing.

Founded in 1985, China International Exhibition Center has developed into a comprehensive exhibition enterprise, with business ranging from venue management to show organization, overseas exhibition, stand construction and exhibition related services. It is also an international venue in China and has successfully hosted more than hundred trade shows at regional, national and international levels. It offers a total exhibition area of over a million sq meters for exhibition and event related purposes. If you want to join some exhibition in China International Exhibition Center Beijing, then stay in Renaissance Beijing Hotel will be the best choice. Guests will have a comfortable stay with hotel’s complete facilities and good service. Have a relax vacation in Beijing and enjoy your day!
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Water Cube, National Stadium for Beijing 2008 Olympic

Water CubeRenaissance Beijing Hotel is just 20 minutes from Beijing Capital International Airport and China International Exhibition Center. Located not far from Sanlitun Bar Street, Ditan Park, Beijing Workers Stadium, Chaoyang Park and other interesting around, Renaissance Beijing Hotel will become your ideal place to stay when you have a holiday in Beijing. With the convenient location, Renaissance Beijing Hotel is also located close to Beijing National Stadium and Beijing Aquatics Stadium. From here, we can visit both stadiums easily.

Beijing Aquatics Stadium or also called Water Cube is one of the main stadium that hosted swimming and synchronized swimming events during Olympic 2008. After the Olympic end, it turns into the international advanced center of swimming, sports, health-building services, and leisure activities. The design of the Beijing Aquatics Stadium is based on the patterns of cells and soap bubbles, that’s why, Beijing Aquatics Stadium being called Water Cube. If you chance to go inside the stadium then you will know how modern the stadium it is. Visitors can take some photos right in front of the stadium. When night comes, Water Cube will look very calm and quiet with the blue bright light around. Want to remember the swimming stadium of Beijing 2008 Olympic? Explore Water Cube!
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Chaoyang Park

Chaoyang ParkRenaissance Beijing Hotel is located not far from Lady Street, National Agriculture Center, Sanlitun Village, Beijing Lufthansa Center, Beijing Workers Stadium, Chaoyang Park, International Exhibition Center and others. One of the interesting places that you should visit is Chaoyang Park. The park is known as the largest park in Beijing.

The park that located close to Renaissance Beijing Hotel is approximately 2.8 km in length and approximately 1.5 km in width. It has a total area of 288.7 hectares, and a water surface area of 68.2 hectares with the green area of more than 70 percent. Inside the park, visitors are able to ride the boat, rent the bicycle, have a picnic, and others. Chaoyang Park is also has a small amusement park, suitable for spend your weekend. It offer 21 thrilling large-scale forms of entertainment such as, roller coasters, rapids, spaceships (including a Star Trek zone), a seven-color garden, the Sony popular science garden, and a pets garden, all that are suitable for different ages. As a national AAAA level scenic spot, Chaoyang Park has become a top attraction in Beijing that you should not miss if you visit Beijing. Chaoyang Park that located not far from Renaissance Beijing Hotel is one of the ideal places to visit with your family and friends.
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Beijing Workers Stadium

Beijing Workers StadiumRenaissance Beijing is one hotel that located in Chaoyang District, close to many attractions around for example, International Exhibition Center, National Agricultural Center, Sanlitun Bar Street, Beijing Workers Stadium and others. Grand Hotel Beijing also will give the guests their best service and complete hotel facilities to make their holiday more comfortable and complete. If you want see the concerts or some sport matches, then Beijing workers Stadium that close to Grand Hotel Beijing is the place. Guests of Grand Hotel Beijing will have an easy access to reach Beijing Workers Stadium.

Beijing Workers Stadium was built in 1959 and it was last renovated in 2004. Beijing Workers Stadium has a capacity of 66,161 and covers a land area of 350,000 square meters. It currently can hold 80,000 spectators in the stands and 1500 athletes in the 300 rooms beneath the grandstand. The stadium had hosted lot of big events, some sport matches, international and domestic football matches, star concerts, and other events in Beijing. Interested to see your favorite football match or star concert that performs in Beijing Workers Stadium? Stay in Grand Hotel Beijing during your vacation and enjoy our luxury facilities with us!
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Sanlitun Bar Street

Sanlitun Bar Street
If this is your first time to visit Beijing on your holiday then I suggest one hotel that can be the ideal place for you. Renaissance Beijing is located in the center of Beijing city, Chaoyang District. Renaissance Beijing is also located not far from other interesting place includes, China International Exhibition Center, Sanlitun Bar Street, and others. One interesting places that interesting to visit is Sanlitun Bar Street.

Sanlitun Bar Street is famous for its night life, along the street full with restaurants, bars, shopping malls, cafes, night clubs, and others interesting places. At weekend, will be lot of local people and foreigners come and hang out with some friends here. Lot guests of Renaissance Beijing is also will spend their night have some drinks or snacks there. If you want to visit Sanlitun Bar Street conveniently, you can stay in Renaissance Beijing on your holiday. With an easy access, guests will able to have some fun after visit Beijing’s historical and cultural attractions. Visitors in Renaissance Beijing will also able to watch the latest movie that also available in Sanlitun Area. It’s a very strategic place to have fun during your holiday. Welcome to Beijing and hope you will enjoy the vacation here.
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Colibri Cafe

Colibri Cafe
Renaissance Beijing is located in Chaoyang District, also close to Sanlitun Bar Street, National Agricultural Center, also lots of tourist destinations. Renaissance Beijing located also close to Beijing International Airport, it is just 20 minutes by drive. One of the most favorite places to visit near Renaissance Beijing is Sanlitun Village. Sanlitun Village is a shopping mall which offers lots of international brand of things and lots of entertainment spot here. Sanlitun Village is the best place for a shopaholic and also can be your best escape spot at weekend.

In Sanlitun Village North, there has Colibri Café. They offer cupcakes, Panini, sandwich, wraps, baguette, coffee, soup, salads and others. The guests should order at the counter and waiting for the delivery at your table. The café is bright with clean, hard light wood benches, lots of steel and white, and a good-looking crowd eating simple fare. The staffs are also very polite and friendly. Colibri Café is the best places after all day long shopping in Sanlitun area and you can relax in here with your friends in a nice atmosphere. Guests in Renaissance Beijing can easily access Colibri Café and Sanlitun Village in their holiday. Renaissance Beijing also offers you their best service and always welcoming your visit.

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Renaissance Beijing

Renaissance BeijingRenaissance Beijing located beside the Third Ring road just 20 minutes from Beijing Capital International Airport and China International Exhibition Center. Renaissance Hotel also located in the convenient area, closed to International Exhibition Center, National Agriculture Centre, Sanlitun also many other tourist attraction. Sanlitun is one of the most popular foreign tourist attractions in Beijing where have a café, shopping mall, bar etc.

Renaissance Beijing offers a perfect and comfort rooms for guests with 24 hours room service, high spped internet connection, more than five hundreds guest rooms, and each guest rooms available flat LD TV, free internet service, air conditioning, and many other facilities.

Renaissance Beijing also offers catering and professional event planners to help the customer to arrange and held a party or even a business meeting. In addition, guest also able to enjoy the other hotel facilities such as spa, fitness center, and the other facilities. Renaissance Beijing in total has 12 meeting rooms, it is very suitable for guest s who will held a business meeting or attending some business event.
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Today Art Museum

Today Art MuseumWhen you are living in Renaissance Beijing Hotel, the Today Art Museum is a good place to kill time. Today Art Museum is located Baiziwan Road of Chaoyang District and it is close to Renaissance Beijing Hotel. May be there are many interest places around Renaissance Beijing Hotel, but the Today Art Museum is an art area to cultivate your taste. Today Art Museum is the first non-profit art museum in China. Today Art Museum near Renaissance Beijing Hotel always devotes itself to taking part in and promoting Chinese modern art’s advance and development actively. With its modern field of vision, international platform and normal management, Today Art Museum is exploring a road which is fit to the existence and development of Chinese private art museum.

Today Art Museum around Renaissance Beijing Hotel establishes the advance idea of based on today and hopes for tomorrow. It aims to found the highest level art museum in China even world. Today Art Museum is not only concerns Chinese modern art, modern art school and key people, but also discover and foster the potential modern young artists. No matter the self construction of art museum or academic practice.

 As a private art museum according to international level of construction and management, Today Art Museum finds a special way to develop. In 2006, Today Art Museum turned to a non-profit institution successfully. Tourists in Renaissance Beijing Hotel can enjoy all these art works in Today Art Museum.
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Bird’s Nest

Because the superior geographic location and good traffic, there are many places of interest around RenaissancBird Nest
e Beijing Chaoyang Hotel. Bird’s Nest is one of them. It located opposite to Water Cube and close to Renaissance Beijing Chaoyang Hotel. Beijing Olympic Stadium, also named “Bird Nest”, is located in Beijing Olympic Park near to Beijing Chaoyang Hotel. The building area of Beijing Olympic Stadium covers area of 2.6 million square meters and it can accommodate 100 thousand audiences. Beijing Olympic Stadium is the main Olympic stadium of the 29th Olympic Games. It was the spot for the opening and closing ceremonies, athletics and football finals, Beijing Olympic Stadium became the professional site for Beijing people to take part in sports activities and enjoy sports entertainment after Olympic Games. It is a landmark of Beijing sports buildings, and the heritage of Olympic Games. Living in Beijing Chaoyang Hotel, you can feel the atmosphere of Olympic Games.

The design of Beijing Olympic Stadium is full of humanistic care, the line-of-sight distance is around 140 meters, no matter where the audiences sit. There are 200 wheelchair pews in auditorium. These wheelchair pews is a little higher than normal pews, so, the disabled could have a same vision compared with the normal audiences. There offered hearing aids and the wireless video system during the game. If you living in Beijing Chaoyang Hotel, the Bird’s Nest is a place to travel.

The Bird’s Nest and Beijing Chaoyang Hotel are waiting for you.
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Renaissance Beijing Hotel

Renaissance Beijing Hotel is located in Beijing’s Commercial Hub, and beside the Third Ring Road. Renaissance Beijing Hotel is well position in the Third Embassy District, just 20 minutes from Beijing Capital International Airport and the new China International Exhibition Centre. Renaissance Beijing Hotel is close to International ExRenaissance Beijing Hotelhibition Center, National Agriculture Center, Sanlitun Village, Beijing Lufthansa Center and Lady’s Street.

Renaissance Beijing Hotel has 219 well-appointed guest rooms and suites. They are equipped with high speed internet, 24 hours room service, luxury custom duvets, etc. Renaissance Beijing Hotel has 700 square meters of creative meeting space including a grand ball room and multifunctional rooms. The 400 square meters Sunflower ballroom can seat 500 in reception and 400 in theater, making Renaissance Beijing Hotel an ideal choice for meetings and social activities.

Around Renaissance Beijing Hotel, there are many wonder places. Beijing New World Center, Awfully Chocolate, Beijing Parkson, Afunti Restaurant and many places are your choices if you are living in Renaissance Beijing Hotel.
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